Are Cash Buying House Companies For Real?

You may have seen in a previous post that we are now heavily into real estate. A big question across the web is what is all the hoopla with these cash buying house companies, and are they for real. First, let’s just look at why someone would consider selling their home to one of these companies.

Cost Of Selling Your House With An Agent

There are a few reasons why people would want to use a cash buying company. The cost of selling with a real estate agent is usually the biggest reason:

With any service provider their is a cost of doing business. The average expense for a realtor is 6-7% of the sales price of your home. For example if you sell your home for $200,000 it will cost you anywhere from $12,000-$14,000 at closing. If you decide to use a real estate professional to sell your property then you will more than likely be dealing with financed buyers which means you might possible have to pay seller commissions ranging anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000. Selling to a financed buyer also means once you sign a contract to purchase you will usually have to wait anywhere from 30-60 days to close.

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As you can see, that’s a lot of money. It can all add up fast and take a rather large chunk of money from your available funds to purchase your next property.

Another reason people choose these companies is the speed of which they can buy your house. Many of these companies advertise that they can close on your house in 7 days or less.

There is one major drawback of selling your home to one of these companies –


Downside Of Using A Company That Buys Houses

The biggest problem is that you more than likely will not get as much money as if you had sold your home outright to another individual –

When you hire a real estate agent, he or she is working to make you as much money as possible from your sale. The Realtor takes a percentage of the sale price as financial compensation, so he or she is motivated to fetch the best price. If a real estate agent believes that he or she can sell your home, there is a good chance that you can make more than you would if you sell to a house flipping company. In fact, I will go out on a limb as say you are GUARANTEED to get far more money when you list your home with a real estate agent. Selling to a real estate investor will almost always end up netting you less money!

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So a realtor will most likely work much harder at getting you the absolute best price for your house, at least usually they will. Sometimes a realtor may be more interested in just getting a deal done than having your best interest in mind. It all depends on the quality of your realtor.

This video also has some great insight on realtor vs companies:

So the quick answer about these companies being for real – yes they are. However, if you don’t need to hurry and sell, then using a real estate agent will most likely bring you more money for the sale of your home.

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How To Sell Your House Yourself

How To Sell Your House Yourself

My husband and I recently found ourselves in a position where we needed to find a bigger home. We have a growing family and we needed more space, along with bedrooms. The problem was that money has been tight and we really needed to sell our house first to have a down payment for the next. We looked at listing with an agent and realized that we were looking at 6% of our selling price going to realtors. With what was left on the mortgage that didn’t leave us with a lot for a down payment for our next house because we have only lived in our current residence for only about 6 years. It turns out that all of those payments were only paying on the interest and hadn’t really touched the principal.

So long story short, I talked to one of my girlfriends and she had recently sold her house – without using an agent! She said it really wasn’t that difficult and I was smart enough to sell my own property as well. So I thought I’d write about my experience as well as give you some helpful info just incase you want to sell your home yourself as well. 🙂

Selling Your House By Owner

What really makes it possible to sell your house yourself is the internet. Without making use of it, you maybe stuck with your house for awhile. There were really 2 big things that we had to take into consideration – pricing the house right and the closing documents.

Pricing –

Pricing your house right is extremely important. Price it to high and you won’t have any interested buyers. Price it too low and you are leaving money on the table. Again, because of the internet this is a lot easier to do. I found some good info from  Zillow about how to price your house:

1. Look at your Zestimate — Depending on whether you feel your home’s Zestimate is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, use this figure as your starting point.

2. Update your Zestimate — Confirm your home facts on Zillow and make any edits as needed. If you have made improvements to your home, make sure those are included in your home facts. Updates to your home facts will be factored into your home’s Zestimate immediately if the change is significant enough to impact your Zestimate.

3. Use your comps — With every Zestimate, Zillow offers a set of comparables. Look these over and if you have created a good set of comps, get the average sold price from them. Your asking price should be within 10 percent of the average sold price in your neighborhood.

4. Find a “magic” price — Once you have a target in mind, think about prices that motivate people more than others. For example, if you have a target figure of $305,000 in mind, think about setting it at $299,995. This way, you will capture people who do range searching (e.g., $250,000 to $300,000) Also, there’s a proven psychology that items priced just under a “century” number are more attractive to the buyer. Think about shopping in a department store. How many times do you see prices for $9.95, $19.95, and so on? These prices have a psychological “come hither” affect — they don’t trip those thresholds of $10 or $20.

5. Find the “soft spot” — Also called “price banding,” this is the practice of looking over the inventory in your neighborhood and finding the “soft spot.” For example, look at the sale prices of homes in your neighborhood. Prices tend to get bunched up as inventory moves along. Find an empty spot so your home is separated from the pack. For example, four homes are priced in the $274,000-$276,000 range and the next set of homes start around $290,000 and up. You should take advantage of the $280,000 price band.

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When pricing your home be sure and look at houses that are identical to yours, or close to it. This will ensure you are pricing your house right. Also look at homes that have recently sold – like from  6 months to a year.

Legal Documents

We decided to use an attorney to help us get our house sold. We live in a state where you have to use an attorney, and I was more than happy to do so and turn it over to her. When I started researching it online, it was enough to make my head spin. And I don’t understand all of that legal jargon either.

Much to my surprise, some states don’t require you to use an attorney. I really wonder how many of those real estate deals go bad without one. Anyhow here is some good info about using an attorney when you sell –

Purchase Agreements

The purchase agreement is the single most important document in the transaction. Although standard printed forms are useful, a lawyer is helpful in explaining the form and making changes and additions to reflect the buyer’s and the seller’s desires. There are many issues that may need to be addressed in the purchase agreement; below are some common examples:

  • If the property has been altered or there has been an addition to the property, was it done lawfully?
  • If the buyer has plans to change the property, may what is planned for the property be done lawfully?
  • What happens if a buyer has an engineer or architect inspect the property and termites, asbestos, radon, or lead-based paint is found?
  • What if the property is found to contain hazardous waste?
  • What are the legal consequences if the closing does not take place, and what happens to the down payment? This question raises related questions: Will the down payment be held in escrow by a lawyer in accordance with appropriately worded escrow instructions? How is payment to be made? Is the closing appropriately conditioned upon the buyer obtaining financing?

Most buyers finance a substantial portion of the purchase price for a home with a mortgage loan from a lending institution. The purchase agreement should contain a carefully worded provision that it is subject to the buyer’s obtaining a commitment for financing.

Read all of the article “Why You Need a Lawyer When You Buy or Sell a House”

There can be a lot going on when selling your house. I personally think that using an attorney can help save you a lot of headaches and maybe even possible lawsuits in the future.

So there you have it. Probably the most 2 important things when selling your house yourself. Thanks to the internet, you can do it yourself. It does make me wonder if high priced realtors are going to go the way of the dinosaur. Maybe not for the rich – but for the little guy – maybe.

There is a lot more, like getting the house ready itself, open houses, marketing and more, and maybe I’ll cover that in another post.  In the meantime check out some of these other articles and sites to help you sell your house yourself –

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Hard Money For Real Estate

I know I promised I was going to post more, BUT… We actually started doing something that we have wanted to try for quite some time – real estate investing. I have a few friends that were into it and they were always telling me I needed to give it a try. Well after spending a ton of money learning what it takes to get a real estate deal done and not losing your ass, we finally did a few deals – and we love it!

Since we have been doing it and telling our friends about it they often ask how we are able to purchase properties. They knew we didn’t have thousands of dollars laying around to buy properties, much less do the repairs and get them ready to go to market. So how do we do it? The answer – Hard Money.

Here is a good article that explains exactly what a hard money loan is and when and when not to use them for real estate investing:

If you are new to real estate investing you may or may not have heard of a hard money loan. You may want to start flipping houses, but don’t have all of the cash necessary to complete the transaction. This is where a hard money loan might come in handy for you. In this short article we will cover what a hard money loan is and when to use them in your real estate investing business.

What Is A Hard Money Loan?

Joshua Dorkin wrote a post on Bigger Pockets that explains what a hard money loan is:

Hard money lenders (HMLs) are typically private individuals or small groups that lend money (Hard money) based on the property you are buying, and not on your credit score. Usually these loans cost (percentage-wise) much more then an average mortgage, often times up to twice what a regular mortgage does, plus high origination fees….

Hard money loans are easily accessed and cut through the red tape. If you can develop a relationship with a LOCAL hard money lender, you can get funds within a couple days, and sometimes with no appraisal or other costs (except for origination fees of course).

Read the full article here on this blog about wholesale deals

If it wasn’t for hard money we would never have been able to get started with our first fix and flip. As to date my boy friend and I have done 6 houses and have made some really nice profits. We highly suggest that if you are thinking of getting into real estate investing you go ahead and make the leap of faith and do it.

So what if you have no idea where to start. The good news is that there are plenty of websites out there to help you get started. And if you live in or close to a large city, there are always real estate gurus coming through towns that teach the basics.

Here is a video that maybe of a big help to you:

Cool, huh. So now you know what we have been up to. If you want to learn more check out some of these great blogs:

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Marketing With Video

With my new job I have been thrown into another area of marketing that I knew existed, but had no idea how powerful it was. My new job, or part of it, video marketing for our company.

To be quite truthful, I was skeptical about how well it would work, much less where to start. I was scared that if I failed, I may lose my job. What if nobody watched?

Well I’m glad to tell you that it has been a huge success! As with a lot of things, you can learn a lot about a topic if you just search the web, and that is exactly what I did.

It turns out my boss was right, we needed to expand our online presence, and video did just that and increased our sales.

So as usual, I wanted to share my experience with you and give you some tips if you are thinking about using video for your business.

A great place to start is a making a game plan. I found this article that gave me some great advice for getting it done:

Five Habits of Successful Video Marketers


Video marketing requires a certain amount of discipline, attention to detail, and rigorous focus on analytics to get right. Yet, it remains as much an art as it is a science. In this post, we look at five habits that separate the few from the crowds when it comes to delivering on exceptional video marketing campaigns.

1. Plan Ahead

Try to avoid common roadblocks and pitfalls that will otherwise prevent you from capturing video and creating new content to share with your audience. This means thinking ahead, creating a content schedule, and incorporating trends and local events into your planning.

Consider when and where you’ll be able to shoot video, and factor in extra time to do so. You might even want to scout out locations before getting there so you’ll already know the shots you want to get (or avoid) when you’re on site.

Other key steps to take would be to ensure you have all the necessary equipment, and that it’s all in working order. Meaning, your batteries are charged, your cables are organized, and everything is packed securely and ready to go whenever you are. It could also mean that your video recording studio (using the term lightly – it’s ok if this is just a tripod) is always setup so that when inspiration strikes, you don’t have to spend half an hour on setup while your ideas run away from you.

2. Stick to a Schedule

Committing to a regular cadence for sharing new videos helps build and maintain momentum with your audience. Hitting it out of the park with a viral video is relatively unlikely to happen, meaning you’re much better off creating more videos that drive engagement and reach on a regular basis.

Producing lots of video is easy said than done, right? Actually, it doesn’t have to be. Keep your clips short and sweet, get to know some animation tools like Animoto, GoAnimate or Powtoon, and invest in some simple products that will make your life easier, like an iPhone tripod and a decent microphone. Seek free or reasonably priced stock footage, images, and music sources to mix things up. Commit to an easy schedule at first, such as once or twice a month, and go from there.

If you still think it might be too much to produce videos on a regular basis, try thinking creatively about how you create and reformulate other types of content. Throwing an event? Film it. Got a cool client in the office? Ask them a few questions about recent trends relevant to your business. Read a cool article recently? Record a short video with your personal take on the matter, or offer an interesting and related fact pertaining to the key points that were made. Finish reading…

Great advice, and I have actually learned a lot from Sprout Video for making and getting my videos found on the net.

In my testing I did find some interesting results. My videos that were shorter in length tended to do better. Videos that were 10 minutes almost never were watched all the way through.

I wish I had found this article before, and it would have helped me out a bunch, so I’m including a little of it here:

5 Important Lessons on Video Ad Length for Demographic Targeting


Today’s essential read comes from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Tremor Video, and Millward Brown Digital. The three collaborated on a free report called Multiscreen Video Best Practices that offers timely data on video ad effectiveness.

NideoScreensTo create the report, researchers tested three different video ads in two lengths each (10 seconds and 30 seconds) on desktops, phones, and tablets. The ads represented three verticals: automotive, CPG, and quick casual restaurants. They were shown to 1,800 18- to 54-year-olds in the U.S
1. Size Doesn’t Bother Millennials

The screen showing the ad matters, the report finds, but not equally for every demographic. Millennials (age 18 to 34) were impacted by both smartphone and tablet ads at roughly the same extent: Their scores for brand appeal and persuasion were close for both types of devices.

2. Go Bigger for Older Viewers

For older adults (age 35 to 54), however, tablet ads had far more impact than phone ass. That group showed markedly higher brand appeal and persuasion scores after seeing an ad on a larger screen. Older viewers were also more likely to rate tablet ads as interesting, unique, or involving.
3. Go Short for Millennials

So how can video marketers best reach millennials? With shorter ads. The report finds that young adults scored 10-second ads higher than 30-second ads for brand appeal and persuasion whether they watched those ads on a smartphone or tablet. Read Entire Article…

Great stuff. It is very important that you keep in mind your audience’s age when planning your videos.

There is so much information on the web that you can find about video, video marketing and video seo.

If you are interested in learning more, for FREE, check out some of my favorite blogs on Video Marketing –

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Enjoy – and I hope this really helps you –  catch ya on the flip side!

Abolish Bail Bonds?

I recently had a not so fun experience. My little brother came to visit here in Georgia and was out on New Years Eve and got into trouble. I got a call around 5 a.m. with him informing me that he had been arrested and need me to get him out. I had no idea what to do, so I went to the internet to find out.

I found a lot of information and a great bail bonds service – Get Outta Jail GA, to help me post bond. His bond was 10k, and I had to pay the bondsman 1k that was non refundable to get him out. I was fine with that because my only other choice was to go ahead and give the court the full 10k and have to wait until his trial was finished, at which time I could get back the money. For me I would rather just pay out 1k and not get it back than tie up a full 10k and not know how many months it would be before I got it back. I also know that my brother could pay me back the 1k and not be able to do the 10k.

abolishing bail bonds

But in my searching on line I came across something that I thought was kind of ridiculous. There is a push to abolish bail bonds, and I think it is not a really good idea, since I just had to use the system and it helped me. The gripe of the law suit is that the bail bonds service industry is for the rich and penalizes the poor. I really don’t think this is a fair assessment. Their thought is that the poor have to come up with the money to post bail while the rich that have savings can post bail and keep moving on with their lives.

I understand there are some bad apples out there in the bail bonds industry, and one bad one can give the entire industry a bad name. But to me it’s also like used cars. There are a lot of shady used car dealers out there, but should we abolish all used car dealerships.

The heart of this law suit is about a woman who was arrested, had to post bail and then within a day the DA decided not to press charges, while the bail bonds company still insists that she needs to pay the 10% of the bail the they put up to get her released. This is kind of a sticky situation here, I understand the young woman’s point of view as well as the bondsman’s point of view. Here is a short snippet from the article –


Crystal Patterson didn’t have the cash or assets to post $150,000 bail and get out of jail after her arrest for assault in October.

So Patterson, 39, promised to pay a bail bonds company $15,000 plus interest to put up the $150,000 bail for her, allowing to go home and care for her invalid grandmother.

The day after her release, the district attorney decided not to pursue charges. But Patterson still owes the bail bonds company. Criminal justice reformers and lawyers at a nonprofit Washington, D.C., legal clinic say that is unconstitutionally unfair.

The lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Patterson, Rianna Buffin and other jail inmates who argue that San Francisco and California’s bail system unconstitutionally treats poor and wealthy suspects differently.

Wealthy suspects can put up their houses or other valuable assets — or simply write a check — to post bail and stay out of jail until their cases are resolved. Poorer suspects aren’t so lucky. Many remain behind bars or pay nonrefundable fees to bail bonds companies.

Click Here To Read The Full Story

So my take on it is that the system should not be abolished. It does help. What it really comes down to is that once again the “rich” are being made a scapegoat. Just because someone works their ass off and makes a living it makes the whole thing unfair. I’m calling BS! What will happen if they abolish the system? Will they just let people go on their own promise to show up for court? I don’t think so. And who is going to make sure they show up? I think the bondsman are doing the courts AND TAXPAYERS a great service by doing this and making sure they show up for court. They should be paid for their services. If the bondsman didn’t do it then the government would have to use government employees to get the job done, which in turn would probably raise taxes. Really I think in the story above that Patterson’s beef should be with the DA and the officers that arrested her in the first place. The bondsman did their job and should be paid.

With me,  Get Outta Jail GA Bondsman for Cobb did right by me and I can’t thank them enough. They were extremely friendly and helpful. I would hate to see great people like this that do such a great service for the community to be put out of a job. Lawyers should stop and think about what they are doing before they start throwing law suits around. I guarantee that if they were to be arrested and need a bondsman they would change their tune. The system probably wouldn’t be unfair then!


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How To Make Money From Home

Are you trying to find a way to make money online from home? Need some extra money? In debt and looking for a way to help out? Then we have found something that will help you out. You can get paid for taking online surveys for cash! In this article will describe a little about these survey sites.

Will you get rich doing this? No, probably not. But it is a great way to add some extra money to your bottom line every month will a little effort on your part.

get paid cash for surveys

Here is how it works – many companies are spending a ton of money every year on product development and advertising along with research. These companies want to know what you think about their products. Some of them want to know your shopping habits like where you shop, along with what products you buy and why. These companies will pay you for your opinion on their products and also knowing your shopping habits. Once you enroll with these companies they will send you surveys to your email inbox, you just fill it out and get paid. The range that they pay is very wide, so it is best to sign up with several companies to increase your chances of making more money.

Other companies need you to test their products. They will send you a product, and after you review it and give your honest opinion, you get to keep it. Other companies will in list you into a drawing for cash prizes and gift cards and such. That is okay in our book.

There are a couple of “best practices” that we can inform you about when taking these surveys –

#1 Go ahead and set  up another free email address from yahoo or however. Some companies will put you on a list and fill up your email with offers, it’s just par for the course. You don’t want your regular email getting clogged up with all of these emails.

#2 These companies will ask you things about yourself. Fill them out as accurately as possible. This will help you qualify for the best paying surveys they have. Also, you want to fill out your bank information accurately as well – this will ensure you get paid in a timely manner. It may be smart to go ahead and set up a pay pal account if you don’t already have one, so that you can get paid in a quick manner.

In short, as we mentioned at first, you can’t make a ton of money doing these surveys, but, you can make some. And the more companies you enlist with the more likely your chances are of getting some decent money. Here are a couple of links to some of the top paying survey sites that we have found and have used. Try them out and help put some extra money in your pocket today! The first link is to a review site that lists about half dozen of survey sites, while the second link is to probably the best cash only survey site.


We received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that we would mention it on our blog. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will be good for our readers.

Finding The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

best reverse phone lookupFinding the best reverse phone lookup services is not impossible. But, people must execute a few guidelines in order to find the best service. These guidelines are easy to follow, and they will work for every single person, too.
The first step would be to gather services together from places like: other people, billboards, the Internet, and anywhere else these services are advertised. After this information is gathered, the beginning guideline would be to contact all of these companies and find out what each of them offer to the community. Some of these services will only offer phone numbers of people they lookup. Other services might offer information like where a person lives, their email address, and other important information, too.
The more information this type of company can retrieve means the better they are with their lookup strategies. This also means they have the best individuals conducted these searches. There are a lot of these companies in just about every city, so it is important for people to contact as many people as possible. Companies that charge a lot of money just to find a phone number or too are not worth the money.
The next guideline would be to compare prices of the best companies offering reverse phone search services. Some companies want customers to pay the total cost right up-front before any search is conducted. However, other services allow people to make monthly payments even after the services are conducted. Finding an awesome company that puts customers on a payment plan is the best thing that can happen to a person in search of these services.
The words written here explain how people can find the best reverse phone lookup services. Following these guidelines have helped people have a search conducted in a quick amount of time and at the lowest price, too.

Instant Background Checks

Online background checks means to check ones own personality. There are erroneous data’s about every individual that are floating over internet. This involves several criteria’s like:

  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Check Report
  • Education Verification

Online Background Checks

There are several reasons why one should get it done. Sometimes one may find himself/herself in some comments or information that might be embarrassing. These type of things mostly are present in the credit report. These data’s becomes a barrier for an individual that may affect his/her career. But fortunately, there are steps that can be implemented to remove these or correct these information’s that may affect the image of an individual.

Best Background Check

Apart from that one should always remain aware about the person or individual with whom he/she is sharing room or becoming partners. One needs to always check the background details. There are several ways to get all these verifications done. These ways also don’t cost a lot.

Under the act of Fair Credit Reporting, one needs to have a CRA or a Consumer Reporting Agency. Thus agency maintains standards for dats protection and even offers resolutions for the disputes. If one is rejecting an employee or a potential tenant based on his/her background check from a service or company that isn’t a CRA then one could be in great trouble. One could get complete details about the CRA over internet. The list of CRA has been divided into several categories like employment history, credit reporting, renting, insurance etc. one can use CRA to get in detailed information of any person.

Apart from this one can check on the potentials of the partners or roommates. One can just use any legal methods. The simplest way is to hire a professional. One can get several agencies to check the background details of an individual. One just needs to surf over internet to get the most preferred and best agency that may suit his/her budget.

Searching For Really Cool Tattoo Ideas And Designs For Couples?

Are you trying to find wonderful tattoo suggestions? Are you trying to find wonderful tattoo concepts? We have actually discovered the very best web site for you to discover awesome tattoo ideas.

tattoo ideas and tattoo designs

Tattoo Designs And Tattoo Ideas

Possibly you are searching for terrific tattoo styles for guys. You might be a gal and also really want a nice tattoo layout for females simply.

Perhaps you don’t really want the routine tattoos like your buddies have. As well as you are now aiming to the web advantageous location to discover a tattoo style or tattoo suggestion that none of your close friends have.

The very best site to find fantastic tattoo concepts for males and females is Miami Ink. That is the Miami Ink that is seen on TELEVISION. They have the # 1 rated website for tattoo layouts for years now. They have over 60 different groups of tattoo designs and tattoo suggestions for both guys and gals. There are over 25,000 different tattoo designs to select from in the groups.In the sixty various classifications you sometimes choose from angel tattoos, bird tattoos, celtic tattoos, dragon tattoos, Skull and Tribal tattoos. It is easy to do. Start by downloading your favored tattoo. Action two is to print it out on your printer. And also the last action is to obtain it done at your favored regional tattoo artist. Or you sometimes additionally view the internet site to find tattoo artist that Miami Ink advises. They have artists in more than 200 nations. You can create your very own assessment on their tattoos.

The internet site additionally have a discovering center where you can discover the best ways to choose a tattoo layout. Likewise a newbie’s overview of acquiring a tattoo. The best ways to care for your brand-new tattoo as well as help not to let it get infected. You sometimes even view short movies as well as find out how to do tattoos yourself.On the web site you sometimes also enjoy tattoo tv programs. Watch the best tattoo short movies. They even have guidelines on how you can prepare for your first tattoo. Their web site likewise has where you can watch funny tattoo short movies. Now you could get the tattoo of your dreams from the globe renowned Miami Ink. To learn more about them you sometimes click these associated with see a short movie to learn more.

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The Benefits Of Buying A Vehicle History Report Before Purchasing A Used Car

Buying a new car is a luxury for many people as recession resulted in the less buying power of people. But car has become a necessity rather than a luxury and therefore there are a large number of people who are looking for ways to buy cars so that they can travel to long distances for their work. Thus the perfect solution for these people is to buy used car that is in good condition. But buying used car can be risky and if you want to keep your initial investment intact then the best way is to procure vehicle history report of the car you have decided to purchase. In this way you can ensure that you are making the right purchase and you can also save a lot of money by selecting the best car for yourself.


Looking For Great Reviews on History reports? Check out Cheap Vehicle History Report, Cheap Vin Check and VIN Number LOOKUP



There are a large number of benefits of vehicle history report as it will help you to find out the past history of the car. It also enables you to know the performance of the car in future as it is considered as an important way of buying a used car. When you gain knowledge regarding the previous performance of the car that you have decided to buy, you will not waste your money on buying the wrong car. You can also contact an expert and reliable automotive technician for ascertaining the present condition of the car and it also includes checking blue book price of car that you have selected to buy. With the help of this report, you can be completely relieved that you are getting a good bargain from the car owner and it also prevents you from taking the wrong decision.


Car History Reports


If you want to get a vehicle history report for the car that you have decided to buy, you will have to follow the steps properly. The first step is to find the VIN number of the vehicle which is imprinted over the body of the vehicle which includes slide door of driver, dashboard, engine or on documents associated with the car. The next step is to run a check with the help of the VIN number which can be done over phone or internet. In this way you will be able to receive the full report about the history of the car. You can also get idea about the past performance of the car which enables you to known its future performance. VIN number of a car is also very helpful as it enables you to identify the car that has been involved in an accident in the past as interfering or meddling with these vehicles is a criminal offense. There are many websites that can aid you in running a check of the vehicle that you are considering to buy. This can be done when you enter your details along with the VIN number of the vehicle that you want buy. Within few seconds, all the details regarding the car will be available for you so that you can make the right decision regarding the purchase of the used car. You can be rest assured that the details that get are completely accurate and reliable.

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Buying A Used Car? Don’t Purchase With A Vehicle History Report!

Are you in the market for a pre-owned vehicle? Don’t purchase one without getting a vehicle history report! It can save you a lot of headaches in the long run and help give you some peace of mind.

Vehicle History Report

There are many things to consider when purchasing a used car or truck. One thing you need to take into consideration is has the vehicle ever been in an accident or even a major accident? If it has been in an accident, where was it hit and was it repaired properly? What if it was in a major accident? Do you really want to put your family, friends or loved ones in a vehicle that hasn’t been repaired properly or is missing airbags? Why not just stay away from that vehicle all together and move on to the next one? Why take the chance? That car or truck may look fine, but without having a vehicle history report informing you that the vehicle was in a major accident how would you know?

A second thing to consider when purchasing a used vehicle is possible odometer tampering. There are many unscrupulous people out there and they are learning how to circumvent the vehicles on board computers to manipulate the vehicles odometer readings. The reason they do this is that a car with 50,000 miles on it will bring more money than a vehicle with 150,000 miles on it! It has even been reported on the local news that some smaller dealers are trying to get around this by saying they by the vehicles “as-is” and sell the vehicles “as-is”. With a vehicle history report you at least get to see if there is some possible tampering from owner to owner.

We have found the perfect place to get a vehicle history report for less than the leading history report provider. In fact it is as much as 1/3 LESS, and you get all the same information! To learn more you can watch this video and click the link in the description to go to their site –

Or you can click here to watch on you tube – Vehicle History Report

Need To Sell Your House In Atlanta?

 Fast House Buyers of Atlanta


Do you live in Atlanta Georgia or the Metro Atlanta area and you are wanting and needing to sell a property? Then you need to contact Fast House Buyers of Atlanta! What ever the reason you need to sell or how fast you need to sell, they can help. Are you getting divorced and need to sell the property fast to divide the equity? Are you an empty nester wanting to down size on your home? Have you lost a loved one and inherited a property that you don’t want or worse, can’t afford? Does your house need lots of repairs and a realtor has told you that you need to make repairs before they will even list it? Maybe your home has suffered a fire? Maybe you have medical bills and need to sell to free up some equity. Maybe you have had a job transfer across town or even out of state. Whatever the reason – they can buy your house and buy your house Fast!

If you are like many people, you may have purchased your home between 2000 and 2008, and now you owe more on your home that what your home is worth ( over leveraged). If your credit is still in great condition and you don’t want to harm your credit rating and if you can be flexible, they even have ways to purchase your home and get you moving on. If your credit is tarnished and still salvageable, you may not want to have a foreclosure on your credit as this can prevent you from purchasing another home for as long as 7 years. The alternative is to have a “short sale”. A short sale is where the bank agrees to accept less for the home than what is owed. A short sale is far less damaging to your credit and will only prevent you from purchasing another home for as little as 2 years. Fast House Buyers specializes in all types of real estate transactions to make it fast and as painless as possible for you with the best out come for you.

To find out more about them or contact them for a fast, free and no risk to you offer on your home you can Click Here.

This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated us via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will be good for our readers.


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